Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Well almost - just finished a great ten days 'sailing' in the Med on a friends catamaran.  I use the word advisedly as there was bugger all wind so we spent nearly all the time under motor but it was still great.  We started on the mainland in Cartegena.   A 24 hour trip found us in Ibiza and I take it all back - what a beautiful Island and not one drunken 18 year old from Scunthorpe in sight.  We didn't catch any fish - not for the want of trying but as we arrived in a bay on the south of the Island I saw a Marlin jump in front of us.  He was at least 200 pounds and a beautiful electric blue in colour. He must have been eating something - maybe he ate it all?  After Ibiza we did a day sail to Mallorca and again - what a beautiful place. Some photos below:

The decrepit - oops I mean intrepid crew

When your inverter fails you have to invert yourself to fit a new one.

Meanwhile the crew are revolting

Ibiza harbour from the top of the old town.  Plenty of superyachts and no drunken brits

The arrival bay in Mallorca - sort of very pretty

Another view and the only little beach with a bar but it was also a nudist beach.  It wouldn't have been so bad if more than one of the dozen or so naked people had been female!!

On a separate note now that I'm back in Blighty and with the Lynx book with the publishers I'm concentrating on the next Jon Hunt novel.  55,000 words in so should be out in about August.  Anyone reading this post who wants to volunteer to help with the editing/proofing - free early copies will be available - just contact me via email, FB or through the comments here.

One final thingy - I have sold thousands of books but only have about 200 reviews - these are the lifeblood of us struggling authors.  If anyone reading this post has read any and could do me the favour of taking five minutes to say what they think on the relevant Amazon page I wold be eternally grateful.

Friday, 13 May 2016

New audio book launch

ARAPAHO is now available on audio.  Once again, Silverton Audio did a great job with the production and its now available through, Amazon, Audible and Itunes.  Best I get working on Boghammer now.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

For a limited time only

A quick announcement.  My book sales have been ticking over reasonably well but in order to maybe get up the Amazon listings a bit more and hence increase my visibility - for the next two weeks all the Kindle versions of my books are at 99p or 99cents or 99 something or another's around the world. I feel a little like the guys from DFS or Allied carpets but in this case they will be going back up again in due course.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Royal sensibilities

Had to laugh today.  I sent the manuscript of my Lynx book to Buckingham Palace today with a letter asking if Prince Andrew would provide a foreword.  He was a Lynx pilot for many years and my publisher really likes the idea of him adding a few words - fair enough.  So off goes the email and and automated reply comes straight back saying:
'Your recent message was not delivered because it violates our acceptable use policy on profanity. You are advised to amend your message and resend it as appropriate.'

So I had a good canter through the text and did find two b*****s and three s***s - its about military flying after all, so that's pretty mild.  Off it goes again and gets bounced with the same response.  I revert to the old fashioned system of using the telephone and get told to send it through to a Gmail address.  Sure enough a couple of hours later I get a call to say that all is safely received.

Just curious, I ask - 'any idea why the royal firewall didn't like it?'
A few seconds later I get the answer - 'Er yes its probably the word -----------  cockpit'

Well bugger me.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

I must be doing something right.

After the last post, I had more hits in a day than I normally get in a month.  From the stats it is mainly from peeps on FB who saw my link and the picture of the new book cover.  Its a shame that the book is going to take so long to get published.  I know there are a lot of graphics and it has to go through an editor but it seems strange that when I publish one of my novels I can upload it for sale as a Kindle and paperback in 12 hours yet this 'mainstream' publication will take 12 months!!!  Anyway, just to remind people that I have six novels about the Fleet Air Arm and Royal Navy (including 815 Squadron in the first one), all based on bits of my own career but mainly made up to make them interesting.  So here is another gratuitous book cover - with a Lynx on it.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Lynx book cover

Well  my publishers have been quite quick in some ways and have just sent me the first draft of the cover for the new book.  I have to say I think it looks pretty good but always welcome feedback.  There is plenty of time to make changes as the actual book is going to take at least another 11 months before it appears.  I was hoping for 9 months but apparently because I put some many pictures in it, its going to take a little longer.  In some ways its not a bad thing as this will tie in with the decommission of the aircraft next March.  I've already had to send this draft back as there is one error about one of the photos - if anyone spots it just leave a comment.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Another literary milestone.

First draft of the Lynx book was despatched to the publishers today.  There is one more addition to make.  I was meant to be flying last Wednesday with 815 Squadron to have a final trip in a Mark 8 but managed to select the only day of the week with a Force 10 and low cloud.  Hopefully next Wednesday will be better.  Either way, I wanted to get things going with the publisher and the RN PR people who have to clear the book.  If I actually get airborne I can add the last bit in due course.
The book has been a labour of love and incredibly time consuming especially considering that most of it consists of contributions from other people.  The process of contacting them, 'coercing' them to contribute and then getting the input into a consistent format has not been easy.  However, I must offer a really big thank you to everyone who came up trumps.  Of course I now have to deal with the publishers and have no idea what changes etc they will want.
Publication apparently takes about 9 months which means a launch around Christmas but I am trying to tie it in with various things that the Navy are doing as the Lynx retires.  I am really hoping to get everyone together for a few beers at an appropriate time.
So on with Jon Hunt 7..................

One of my problems is that I've been given so many brilliant photos its been really hard to choose them.  Here's one that I didn't use.